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The Don’ts of homeschooling

It is very common for homeschooling parents to feel pressured into being “perfect”. Homeschooling can be an overwhelming task. But, the truth is, none of us are perfect! Our goal should only be to do what we can do best for our children. Here is a list of six homeschool do’s and don’ts that a lot of us who homeschool should keep in mind.
1.  Stop feeling like a failure when taking help!  It’s completely okay to ask for support and help when you are in need of it. In case you don’t have any local support groups or friends, take to the internet. There are so many forums that can help you. 

2.  Do not be afraid to mess up. There is no one in this world who does not make mistakes. Don’t feel that you cannot do as good a job as a school teacher. The truth is, the best of school teachers have no advantage over you. In fact, no one can teach your child better than you yourself. 

3.  Do not think that private or public school education does not have “gaps.” It is impossible for any school in this world to teach a child everything there is for them to know or learn!

4.  Do not be unsure about your decision on what to teach your children. The teachers who decide what private and public school students must learn are humans like you! They simply base their decisions on their best judgment about what children should and should not be taught. However, there is no “one size fits all” formula. Teaching a child according to their personality and interest is a lot better than the generic approach of the schools. They do not have the freedom and flexibility that you have because they have hundreds of students to teach, and it is almost impossible to cater to every child. However, you can do that. 

5.  Do not feel pressured into doing school the way private or public schools do it. Every homeschool parent has interruptions. Things don’t always go as planned. You may not be able to finish every subject every day. But that is completely okay. Give yourself a break from time to time. 

6. Make sure you take out time to have fun with your little ones. Don’t be too strict and structured with your children. Put fun into your curriculum. Take out time for relationship building. In fact, homeschooling is not just important because it helps provide good education but it is also important because of the chances it gives parents to build strong relationships with their children.

If you only keep pointing out your mistakes, you will make homeschooling extremely difficult for yourself and for your children. Just follow our advice and make sure you keep the fun element in your house!


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