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Homeschooling and Grandparents

If you are a grandparent who wants to be involved in your grandchild’s homeschooling life, there are a variety of ways in which you can do that. Here is a list of ideas that will help you play an important role in your grandchild’s educational experience.

Full-time Teachers
In some families, having a grandparent as the primary “teacher” in the homeschool is an excellent solution. This is particularly true if both parents are working full-time and the grandparents are willing to get involved. Grandparents who decide to take these roles have to be patient, energetic, and prepared to deal with the tantrums of their grandchildren. This may also involve the risk of causing rough confrontations with the parents. 

The Guest Lecturer
In this role, the grandparent may be skilled in math, interested in science, or passionate about literature or writing. This grandparent can be in charge of the academic subject that they feel they have expertise on. This will also give the parents free blocks of time during a busy week.

The Guru of practical skills
 A grandmother who knows how to bake or a grandfather who has deep knowledge of auto mechanics, can share their know-how and practical skills. These are invaluable teaching lessons. Carpentry and home economics were offered in almost all educational settings earlier. However, they have become lost arts in today’s world. A grandparent who is well versed in any hands-on skill can be an asset in homeschooling.

The Storyteller
A lot like a practical skills teacher, this role offers grandparents the opportunity to do something they may enjoy—sharing experiences and stories. In this role, grandparents can share anecdotes about their past. Such stories offer children a glimpse into the era gone by, something they will never experience. Apart from preserving the tradition, storytelling offers extra knowledge about different subjects. Students can even make a documentary or writing project with the stories.

The driver
It is stressful for a parent to get children to all of the sports activities and hobbies. If a grandparent lives close by, they can volunteer to help the parents with transportation. It is a great way to bond with grandchildren. Moreover, this saves a lot of time for parents, who may be able to get more planning and grading done.

When it comes to your grandchildren, there are so many valuable things you can teach, stories you can tell, and love you can share. Homeschooling offers a unique chance to expand that special bond between grandchild- grandparents into the sphere of education. Grandparents can take so many meaningful roles to contribute towards the education of their grandchildren. In fact, any form of positive involvement will make the world of difference.  


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