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How to organize your house when you are homeschooling?

There are so many articles and books written about how you can easily organize your life and home by labeling a set of boxes A-Z. However, most of the tips don’t work. However, there are three principles that are really successful in conquering clutter and pursuing beauty in your homeschool. These are:

Organize Around Themes
Themes help in directing your prayers, thinking, and creativity and help in turning them into reality. The theme you choose must feel satisfying and whole. Also, since you will have children around, it is best to keep it simple, especially for high traffic areas such as, the living room, kitchen, etc. 
You can also create color themes for your children’s bedrooms to add some zing.
Less is always more
Have you ever visited a Japanese house? They have extremely minimalistic and simple homes. So, ask yourself, which is the simplest choice? And then make sure you rule out the rest. For instance, if your child’s drawers are cramped with clothes, they will never be able to keep their drawer neat. Therefore, remove the outfits that are not needed. They will only require a week's worth of clothes in their drawers. The extra ones can be stored in the storage or simply donated.
Make space:
If you only cook once a month, then most of your big pans and pots can be put inside storage. If you only sew once every month, you can keep your supplies in the closet. However, in case you sew every day, you should make sure your supplies are handy. If experimenting is part of your homeschooling, then the extra bathroom can act as your personal family lab.
Ask yourself these three questions every time you are trying to decide where to store items:
  1. How often will the item be used?
  2. Will it be kept in the hidden or open?
  3. How much hard use or manhandling will the particular item receive?
By keeping your house simple and by making sure you do not have too many items lying around you can organize your home better, no matter how many children you are homeschooling.

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