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Handling Fears and Exhaustion that comes with Homeschooling

If there’s anything we have understood about homeschooling, it’s that fear can rear its dreadful head at any time to make you question your decision. Like for instance, when you realize that you have taken complete responsibility of the education of your child, amidst a culture that believes skilled professionals are required to teach young minds what they should know in life. Or times when you are completely exhausted and would give anything to take a day off. 

Combating the fear:

When it comes to fighting off the fear, the vision you hold for your family serves as the strongest weapon. Your greatest successes with fear will come when your vision will remain in front of you: Why are you home schooling? What results do you wish to achieve? What keeps you motivated?

This will help you deal with the anxiety!

Tackling burnout or exhaustion:

Exhaustion or burnout can also happen to homeschooling parents. It is not just the traditional schooling parents who crawl towards the finish line–homeschooling parents feel it too. 

The best way to handle periods of burnout is to do things differently. One of the biggest advantages of homeschooling is that you get to set your own schedule! You don’t have to slog through some arbitrarily-set ending date. Benefit from that flexibility. For instance, you can switch things around so that your play time starts in the morning, and school time begins in the afternoon. Create a schedule that works for you and comes as a refreshing change. 

You can never get through the fear and exhaustion of homeschooling by avoiding them–or worse by quitting. Anybody who has ever tried (and achieved) something amazing has gotten there by realizing their fears, then walking ahead with their head held high. Let’s all do the same by always maintaining the vision for our family first and moving forward step by step.

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