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How to improve a child’s language development?

Parents play a very important role in the language development of a child. Experts show that children who are spoken with and read to a great deal during their early childhood have better vocabularies and grammar in comparison to those who are not. Here are a few simple ways of nurturing the language development of your little one before you begin with their 

1. Talk. Keep narrating the entire day as it evolves. For instance, if you’re about to give your little one a bath, narrate the entire event to them. "Now we’re going to take a bath. Can you feel the warm water with your fingers? Once we’re done bathing we will have a tasty snack."
2. Read a lot. Experts say you can start reading to a baby as early as you desire. It is believed that a good predictor of a child’s future reading success is the time parents spend reading to the child. Begin with easy board books and move to longer stories and picture books.

3. Listen to music together. Children love movement and music. When they hear songs, such as "Old McDonald Had a Farm," they learn about the rhythm of language and the world around.

4. Tell stories. Parents should make up stories with characters, adventure, conflict, and a happy ending. Make sure you create stories according to the child's interests.

5. Use computers and television carefully. Experts recommend that a child younger than two should not watch television, and that children older than two should not view more than two hours of television a day, under parental guidance. While some of the programs on television are beneficial, TV shows don't respond to children. Also, computer games can be interactive, but are unresponsive to the ideas of a child.

6. Take them on field trips. A short trip to the aquarium, zoo, or a museum will open up a new world to the child. Tell them the names of the fun activities and fascinating creatures they experience.

By using these creative ideas you can ensure the most effective language development of a child. 

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