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How to help your children learn determination and Grit?

All parents aspire to raise their children with a strong character. Qualities such as courage, kindness, and willpower can help in setting up a foundation that serves children their whole lives. Media can be used in cultivating a character-rich child. Talk to your little ones about the inspirational messages in the TV shows and movies they like, ask questions about the story lines and characters of their favorite games, and much more. 

Top tools to develop toughness:

  1. Movies, TV shows that celebrate Grit
There are several movies that inspire children to pursue their dreams, and persevere through tough times.

  1. Survival TV
Exciting adventures help teach children to stay strong at all times.

Good role models for girls and boys

  1. Movies and TV shows with inspirational teachers
Celebrate the individuals or characters who motivate, challenge, and inspire our children. For instance, Mr. Miyagi from Karate Kid. 

  1. Homeschooling books depicting strong female characters
Stories about strong women inspire little girls to be like them and teaches boys about respect and gender equality. 

  1. Movies with positive role models for little boys
Such movie men set the standards about what it really takes to persevere and triumph.

Picks for patience and persistence: 

  1. Homeschooling books that have characters who have learning or physical difficulties
Stories of overcoming and facing challenges are inspirational to all.

  1. Books that talk about struggle for social justice
True accounts of great people rising up and demanding positive change in the society.

  1. Sites and Apps with Problem Solving
Encourage children to explore and brainstorm different solutions.

Help children in finding their purpose and focus:

1.      Games to improve concentration and memory

Games are a fun way to boost a child’s memory.

2.     Time-Management Apps

Easy-to-use organizers and timer tools will keep children on their toes.
Just by a little effort, you can make sure your children learn the right values and grow up to be fine young men and women, serving the society and community. 

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