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Stir up a little homeschool enthusiasm

Homeschooling can become redundant and boring for a lot of students. If you wish to stir up some enthusiasm in your child, it is important that you take their interests into consideration when preparing a curriculum. Learning becomes more interesting when it’s tied to something the child is passionate about.

Concentrate on what fascinates them:
What do your children like to do when they are not doing their schoolwork? Find out about their interests and capitalize on those. For instance, a mother taught her son to alphabetize during the afternoons by teaching him how to alphabetically organize his favorite basketball cards. This would have taken her several weeks if she were using standard language arts lessons.

Similarly, if your little one is a roller-coaster enthusiast, he/she may become interested in physics if it’s introduced in the perspective of amusement park rides and the dynamics behind them. The budding novelist or storyteller can be inspired to learn revision and editing, vocabulary and literary style while writing their own composition. 

It is also a good idea to involve your children in some of the study decisions—what history or science topics will they like to know more about? Which foreign language will sound useful or interesting to them? One parent placed together a themed study around a child’s interest in travelling to Ireland. The student had to research about flight, currency and exchange rates, different places to see, the government and history of Ireland, dress and customs, culture and literature, and more.

Keep things light and causal during homeschooling with fun and games. Invest some time in reading about different learning styles and try including techniques that will interest your child. It also helps to start or close a topic with a fun family project such as a medieval feast when starting or finishing a middle ages unit—or something on those lines.

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