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Ways to Homeschool Using Coloring Books

Coloring books have become a rage in our society these days.  People of all ages–from teens to young children and adults use them. As a homeschooling parent, you too can use coloring books to make learning and teaching more memorable and fun. In fact, coloring books can make school enjoyable for both the students and the teachers!
Benefits of coloring
Coloring books are a medium that can be used to incorporate art in your child’s curriculum. It is an activity that families can do together, offering everyone the time to relax and chit-chat.

Some more benefits of coloring include,
  • Relief from stress
  • Development of fine motor skills
  • Reduced screen time
  • Increased ability of the brain to focus
  • Heightened creativity
  • Learning of new art techniques techniques such as, shading, use of patterns, and use of a range of different coloring materials.
There is a range of different materials you can color with.
  1. Twistable colored pencils – These are great as you don’t need a sharpener to use these pencils, and they have a finer tip in comparison to crayons.
  2. Crayons
  3. Colored Pencils
  4. Flair pens – they offer easy coloring without the bad bleed through that occurs with permanent markers.
  5. Watercolors – Watercolors work best with less detailed, larger coloring pages and can be a fun way of coloring.
Coloring books are a great way to inspire and learn. From homeschool books that include artists and history, to fun creative patterns, coloring books can be a hands-on way of encouraging teens to be artistic while working with art concepts.
Such book can also be utilized in conjunction with nature note booking or a nature study to educate younger children. Drawings can be used to spark learning and talk about the numerous nature and animals settings. You may even doodle facts outside the drawing to add to the learning experience! Turtles, woodpeckers, sloths, insects, butterflies, snakes, and several underwater animals are only a few of the things for coloring that could also become a part of the nature/science study.
Coloring books open up a universe of learning and fun for kindergartners to teens and older children. You can add more materials to create a coloring study book of almost any topic!

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