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How to homeschool a gifted child?

Gifted children are those who show considerably higher than normal intelligence levels in one or more areas. These children have a greater sense of curiosity and tend to relate more with students and people older than their age. It can often be challenging to teach an intellectually gifted child. Here are a few tips that parents with such children can try to implement in their homeschool:

1. Involve your child in decisions related to their studies. Take your child with you when searching for a new curriculum. Ask them what they liked and disliked about a certain program. Take their opinion on how hard or easy a subject was for them. Let them feel their input is valued.

2. Use incentives. Every child is motivated by something. You’ve got to find out what motivates your little one and do not be afraid of using it when you feel your child is not sticking with the schedule.

3. Follow your child’s interests. Gifted children are creative and they have such fun ideas for things to study. Learning is a very natural process for them. As a parent, you must think outside the box. Use the internet and consult other parents to discover creative ways of including fun activities that they like to teach fundamentals. 

4. Put a lot of emphasis on reading. Use the local library, internet, and free Kindle app or buy pre-loved books. It is not important to buy expensive books when you can avail so many free or reasonably priced resources. 

5. Set boundaries. While it is a good idea to involve your child in decision making, do not let the child become the leader in the house. Make sure they know you are still the parent and you have the control. Give choices to your child and be ready to compromise in some places, but make sure you maintain your authority.

Homeschooling a gifted child is not very different from homeschooling any other child. It is all about understating the student’s unique needs and personality. 

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