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Home schools: Education at your home

Homeschooling is the progressive moment round the world, in which parents chose to give education to their children at home only. They teach them in the home only, besides sending them to the public or private schools.
    Know the laws
To go for homeschooling, you must familiarize yourself the laws. The different places have different laws, so you need to check your locality laws. Take the print out copies the laws and keep it with the records of your homeschool.
    Notify the local bodies
Before, you start your homeschool; you must notify and take permission from the local bodies. They revise all the details of the schools from first September of every year. So, before this date you must inform and fulfill all the major requirements. Although, this step is not recorded by the laws, but doing so will safeguard your schools. This will also aid you if you are withdrawing your child from the public schools.
    Follow the curriculum
In case, this is your first chance on home schooling, you must go for homeschool curriculum which is specially designed for home schools. This curriculum will have all the essentials that are required. It includes lesson plans and proper schedule to teach each subject.
    Maintaining records
Opening a home school and started teaching is not only the requirement of home schooling ontario. You need to maintain all the records of the school in accurate form. It includes the records such as the daily log or dairy. The daily log contains the information for the subjects that are taught in the school in each day with time frame description. In case, classes are not running or unable to teach the topic, then you need to specify the reason in the daily log. The other thing that you need to maintain is the portfolio of each child, test marks and copy of each child.
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